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About Us

Lucas Hughes, aka SourceCode, has been a life-long fan of Nintendo.  He is a father of two really awesome children and husband to his high school sweetheart.  He has spent his life doing a number of different vocations such as movie projectionist, grocery bagger, shelf stocker, professional wrestling, soldier in the US Army, car salesman, t-shirt maker, and being underpaid as a slaving codemonkey to small and large corporations.  All through that his love for Nintendo never ceased and has become such a huge part of his life.  He is now attempting to make Nintendo-centric content creating a main aspect of his future career. Hey, if everyone else on YouTube can do it then why not?

Duarte Da Silva has lived many lives.
However one factor that has remained constant throughout these lives has been his seemingly infinite affection for the art and science of video games.  He wouldn’t come across video games until the early 90’s but knew in those years that video games were something special to him.  The sheer joy of stomping Bowser at the end of Super Mario Bros 3 is one of the purest to any child of the 80’s and 90’s.  From local Mario Kart and Goldeneye tournaments to the advent of the handheld boom pioneered by Nintendo into the Switch release, he can trace back Nintendo’s heritage in relation to his own.  It has been his dream to contribute in anyway to an industry which has brought so much joy to so many.




Do you have skill and desire to create content on Nintendo?  Nintendo Playroom is currently looking for contributors to keep the content rolling on the site!  Please use our contact form to reach out!