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The Witcher 3 Coming To Switch?

June 6, 2019

As you’ve most likely already been made aware of, there’s a rumor circulating the web with some credible weight to it, about a potential Switch port of the acclaimed Witcher III game coming this September.

Source: Resetera

This game has been renowned and praised for its graphical achievements and photorealistic environment rendering, and such has also been subject to being a benchmark for requiring demanding hardware to run the game. This has given rise to memes online about the game being quite difficult to run on max settings — a lot like the ‘but can it run Crysis?’ meme. This poses a few questions as to how the supposed port can in fact even run on the current Switch hardware, and if that is to be the case, then how much of a graphical downgrade are we looking to see? Take a look at this excellent breakdown of the game and whether a Switch port is in theory even possible at all:

The gist of the video is that the game is very demanding on hardware, even moreso than DOOM. Pulling off a Switch port that is not half-bad or struggling to maintain 30FPS would be a miraculous feat!