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Story Mode, Multiplayer and Cars in Super Mario Maker 2

May 15, 2019

This was a great, little Direct before E3, showcasing all the exciting new features and modes in Super Mario Maker 2. Before spoiling anymore for those who haven’t seen the Direct yet, watch it here:

This is truly worthy of being called a true sequel, and not just a simple port, as there’s so much new content packed into this new installment — even moreso than I’d expected, to be honest! Let’s sum up all the big features.

Co-op Making

They actually did it! Now, 2 players can build a course together using single joy-cons.

Story Mode

Nintendo actually made a whole single-player story mode with over 100 levels expertly crafted by Nintendo themselves! The levels will serve as a guide and inspiration on how to use all the different tools in the game, as well as provide a full game’s worth of fun content for those without an Online membership, or someone simply wanting to enjoy Nintendo-certified content. The “purpose” of the story mode is to rebuild the Peach’s Castle from the ground up by earning coins playing through the courses.

Online Multiplayer

In the online mode (which requires a Switch Online membership), called Course World, you will be able to play together with other people across the world. There are 2 different modes available:

  • Multiplayer Co-op: work together to solve the puzzles and challenges of online courses in order to win. Everyone is a winner as a it’s a team effort.
  • Multiplayer Versus: race against up to 4 players online, trying to clear the course as fast as possible or with the highest score. First one to reach the goal wins!

You can also create a character and customize the look, and earn points. There’s a ranking system as well, based on your win/loss ratio.

Nearby Play is another online mode where you can use Wireless Play with up to 4 people and play courses together on your respective consoles. Only the player who makes the virtual room will need a persistent Internet connection for everyone to play. Quite nifty!

Koopa Troopa Car

Seriously, who on Earth saw this one coming? Believe it or not, you can now ride a car across the 2D plane of Super Mario Maker 2 courses. Combined with the online multiplayer experience, expect some really creative Mario Kart-inspired courses when the game launches. Unfortunately, it’s only available in the Super Mario 3D World style.

They see me rollin’, they hatin’

Night Mode

The Angry Sun can be turned into the Moon, which turns the sky dark and unlocks a handful of new hidden features depending on the course theme. Hitting the Moon will eliminate all enemies currently on screen. You can also unlock the Night version of themes without using the Moon (although it’s not clear as of right now how to, but presumably after playing the Moon course part of themes), and freely switch between day and night. New features in the Night version for each theme are as follows:

  • Ground (Night): floating Goombas
  • Underground (Night): screen flipped upside down
  • Ghost House (Night): dimmed lights
  • Sky (Night): reduced gravity
  • Desert (Night): sandstorm, increasing vertical friction
  • Snow (Night): really slippery icy ground
  • Forest (Night): poisonous environment (i.a. rising poison liquid)

Some items will transform into something else in Night mode, like a Mushroom turning into a Rotten Mushroom.

3D World Mode

The 3D World style has a ton of new features exclusive to this mode, which is why it’s not compatible with the other aesthetic styles. Some of the features available include: Cat Mario, Meowser (Cat Bowser), Piranha Creeper, Clear Pipe, Crate, Warp Box, Spike Block, ! Block, Blinking Block, Track Block, Mushroom Trampoline, Skipsqueak, Koopa Troopa Car, Charvaargh (Lava Monster), Pom Pom, Banzai Bill (inluding Z-axis, flying towards the screen)

Other new features

  • Tools, course parts and features: Slopes, Angry Sun, Snake Block, On/Off Block, Seesaw, Swinging Claw, set Water Level, Custom Scroll, Vertical Sub-Areas, Scroll Stop (prevent hidden area from showing), Banzai Bill, Dry Bones Shell (renders invisibility), Big Coins (10, 30, 50), Twister, Icicle, Diagonal Conveyor Belt, Red Yoshi (breathes fire), Parachute, Boom Boom,
  • New Sound Effects
  • Clear/Win Conditions (defeat X amount of enemies, collect X coins, reach the goal in a specific state, etc.)
  • Course Themes: Desert, Snow, Forest, Sky (+ new OST by Koji Kondo for each type of theme)
  • Course World (Online mode): Courses (with extensive search functionality + course comments + saving for offline play), Maker Profile with Maker Points (earn points if people like your content) and Character Customization (with unlockable parts), Endless Challenge (play online courses in series until you die)
  • Pre-Order Bundles:
    • Super Mario Maker 2 + 12-month Nintendo Switch Online
    • Nintendo Switch Game Voucher Deal: Buy 2 vouchers for a total of $99.99, which can then be redeemed individually for any 2 eligible Nintendo digital games (i.a. Yoshi, Kirby, Zelda, Pokemon, Donkey Kong, Mario Kart, Smash, Splatoon, Mario Party, ARMS, Mario Tennis, etc.). This is a great way to save some dollars off first-party Nintendo games. The vouchers are valid for 1 year after purchase.

Phew, that’s a lot to digest! Honestly, this was way more than I had anticipated, but I’m positively surprised by the effort and creativity put into this sequel. And this is just the overview as presented in the Direct, so be on the lookout for more surprises, tools and features in the final game when Super Mario Maker 2 hits the stores and the eShop in June 28, 2019.