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First Look at Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Gameplay

May 12, 2019

Game Informer had the opportunity to visit the Nintendo of America HQ and got exclusive hands-on access to Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order for the Switch, in addition to interviewing the team partnership between Marvel Games, Nintendo, and Koei Tecmo/Team NInja, that are behind the game. Alongside a ton of information surrounding the game that will be uncovered on their site in the near future, they have just had the opportunity to publish this exclusive gameplay of MUA3:

The game looks very solid with good graphics and a seemingly smooth framerate, as opposed to the gameplay that was shown in the last Nintendo Direct. It’s also reassuring to ascertain that the game supports 4-player local coop, as well as wireless play.

I’m more and more likely to get this game seeing how it serves as a perfect coop game with family or a bunch of friends. What are your impressions?