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Review: Unravel Two

April 4, 2019

Okay, before we kick off this review I have to have a moment of confession here just so we are all on the same page and you know where I’m coming from.  I have NEVER played the first Unravel.  There, I said it…  So with that in mind there will be no comparisons to the first title in this review as I have no foundational opinion on it in the first place.

Unravel Two, having released on March 22nd for the Switch, is the game I never knew I wanted to play.  To be frank, I had no intentions of buying it but always thought it had a little bit of appeal but I decided I was going to take a pass on it because it was just another indie side-scrolling platformer that seems to be in abundance these days.  Then….my son wanted it on his Switch, so I gladly went on the eShop from his Switch and forked over the $19.99, downloaded it and he began playing it.  The day after he asked me if I could play two player with him so I said sure because what dad DOESN’T want to bond with his son over a game?  As soon as I started playing with him and got all the mechanics down I was captivated to say the least!

Also, something to keep in mind is that I never played this game single player.  I played through the entirety with my son in two player but I did observe him playing on his own and the switching back and forth between the two characters seemed tedious at first but he eventually got the hang of it and was playing fairly smoothly but really I feel like this is a game best played with a friend.

In Unravel Two you play as two characters made of yarn (or a single character in co-op) who are tethered together and have to make your way through the various levels while cooperating with the other character/player to work together to overcome obstacles.  One helpful mechanic is the ability to take your second character and “merge” with the other so you are essentially controlling just one character.  This actually helped quite a bit, especially in cases that you had to maneuver around enemies that can “kill” you on contact.  Some of the other obstacles certainly present a decent enough challenge while others simply require you to get to a higher area and swing your tethered buddy to the other side.  Sounds simple enough and in a lot of cases, it is.  Yet there are other challenges that will require you to move sequentially as the ground underneath or the grappling point you are tethered to will crumble after a few short seconds.  These levels were difficult to say the least but once you finally reach the end you definitely get that sense of true accomplishment.

Graphically speaking, Unravel Two is a beautiful game.  That has always been one thought I’ve had since I first saw it and when playing through it with my son I can say that through and through it maintains that highly appealing aesthetic to the very end.  You will find yourself venturing through light-hearted areas with plenty of sun to downright dreary with music to accommodate each setting superbly.  Speaking of music…

The soundtrack is spot on with compositions with the sound of folk music.  Honestly, the music really helps tell the story and without it I don’t think Unravel Two could be the same game.  It perfectly assists the gameplay and aesthetics to set the mood and overall “feel” of the game which is something that a lot of puzzle platformers gets wrong.  If you like tracks with a lot of violin then this is going to be right up your alley!

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Unravel Two.  It is truly a pleasure to play through, especially in co-op, which is my recommended way to get the most out of this game.  You will only get roughly 5 hours of play with just the main story alone (about 6.5 hours if you do the extras) which makes the price point of $19.99 a little steep for what you get but the quality kind of makes it worth it in the end.  If you are looking for something to relax to (albeit some of the rougher levels with crumbling floors) and get some enjoyment out of, Unravel Two is certainly the game you have been looking for!

Have you played Unravel Two…or even the first one?  Let us know your thoughts and how you felt about the game in the comments below!  Thanks for visiting Nintendo Playroom today and feel free to join us in our Community if you are feeling particularly “talky”!

SourceCode, aka Lucas Hughes, is the creator/owner of Nintendo Playroom.  He spends his days primarily as a husband/father/programmer/gamer.  He loves all things Nintendo and is very passionate about the Nintendo community.

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SourceCode, aka Lucas Hughes, is the creator/owner of Nintendo Playroom.  He spends his days primarily as a husband/father/programmer/gamer.  He loves all things Nintendo and is very passionate about the Nintendo community.

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