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Hyper Games knew what they were going for with their latest project Eggggg. A fun platformer where the character you control is propelled by his own vomit when he jumps into the air. While it may sound ridiculous to consider the concept, it’s executed upon with a consistency that could give the Adult Swim catalogue of shows a run for their money. The art design and presentation is very reminiscent of Adventure Time which lends itself to goofy ideas and makes sure that the player isn’t feeling queasy or nauseated by the idea of someone vomiting so hard that they’re lifted from the ground. Eggggg was released for iOS platforms last year which which has made this review a little shorter due to the progression structure inherit in these type of games. With Eggggg having finally made the jump onto the Switch, let’s dive in.


The first thing that will jump out to the player are the sights and sounds of Eggggg. The game is bursting with colour and charm and manages to be consistent enough to make you not notice sometimes how much of your throw up just cakes everything that you pass and can make for some funny moments. The game has you controlling Gilbert who has an allergy to eggs. Despite that, the goal is to puke your way up and down with the goal of finding the three hidden golden eggs in each level to obtain stars. In order to get three stars in each level though, you’ll need to collect all the other little “bits” that lay scattered around each level and makes for some good platforming. There’s also a light amount of puzzle solving which has you wall jumping off of switches in a particular sequence in order to advance. While later levels will have your vomit and changing colour while adding properties that will allow you to latch onto surfaces and navigate some tight platforming sections to advance. It becomes quite the challenge eventually. Not only in the platforming, but also in the face of the various robotic chicken enemies, and bosses.



The controls are simple in that you use the R and L buttons to face a direction and begin auto running. Tapping the same button while facing that direction will cause your character to jump. While facing right for example, if you tap R, you’ll jump by barfing and propelling yourself off the ground. But that’s not to say it isn’t challenging. Also not sure why the use of the R and L buttons, inexplicably didn’t feel natural for quite some time. It’s obvious that the controls were meant for touch screens. Without the ability to remap buttons, I felt like the controls mildly impeded with my enjoyment of the game. Not to say that the controls weren’t responsive, just not intuitive. It’s clear that this was a mobile game that was ported over. Especially when taking into account the three star system that has you accomplishing certain timed goals or otherwise. The other huge knock against this version is that you could get the superior version for less than half the price on the app store. So it’s a fun package, but cheaper on other platforms. Eggggg is a fun platformer that should take a few hours to beat and about a half dozen more hours if you become serious about all of the collectables and challenges to get to 100%. The humour and character of the environments and the sound design compliments the art style to create a cohesive package. There is much fun to be had in Eggggg. But more excitedly, there’s an anticipation of what comes next for Hyper Games.

Forged in the 8 bit era, Duarte can be found quietly contemplating the future of the games industry. Wondering what the exhilaration of digital achievement will look like on the next horizon.

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Duarte Da Silva

Forged in the 8 bit era, Duarte can be found quietly contemplating the future of the games industry. Wondering what the exhilaration of digital achievement will look like on the next horizon.

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