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Over Deluxed: The Switch Port Problem

November 3, 2018

I am a Nintendo fan, a die hard in my humble opinion. In some circles I may be referred to as a fanboy. If you didn’t guess that by my Nintendo related screen name or the fact that I write for this website, then I proclaim it to you now.  I say this because my following statements could be an item of conflict, and could be called blasphemy when uttered in that hallowed halls of fandom. So with that I say that the following views are mine alone.

You see I have owned many Nintendo systems, from handhelds to consoles. Often times you can say that I am an early adopter. So dedicated am I, have been known to purchase games that I only had a mild interest in.  All for the sake of supporting the brand (crazy right I know).  I was the guy who was rocking the Game Cube while everyone was reveling in the Xbox.  I was the guy playing the Wii long after most had abandoned it as a gimmick, always choosing to believe in the company’s vision.   

So then what bone I am picking?  What could this fanboy complain about after all of that smooching?

The truth is, I’ve been “deluxed” out of my mind (I’m coining that phrase).  You see as staunch supporter of Nintendo I bought the Wii U. Not just the system, I went all in and purchased a plethora of games, controllers and peripherals.  So when I found out that the Wii U was failing I did what any obsessed fan would do. I purchased even MORE games.  All in an attempt to throw a few more dollars at my favorite brand of entertainment.  Alas it was all in vain, as you and I both know how that story ends.  Like a sinking ship, the Wii U slipped beneath the surface of gaming history ultimately as a failure.

It was a horrible defeat, yet imagine my joy when their next system appeared. The Switch arrived like a beacon of light rising from the ashes of Nintendo’s greatly exaggerated demise. I was filled with hope and joy as I quickly realized that the Switch succeeded at everything the WiiU failed at.  You could play off screen further than 10 feet away, the Joy-Cons were a welcome upgrade that doubled as Wiimote and Pro Controller.  Still there was a looming shadow that at the onset for me at least. was not overly apparent.

Its starts with Zelda Breath of the Wild which was the headliner of the system.  A likely release as for Nintendo as only Mario has more name recognition. Lets be honest my fellow Hylian’s out there are probably the most ravenous of fans (they did give us our own symphony). Thus they chose Breath of the Wild the big title that would be the system seller, and it was.  Trust me if my screen name is “The Lost Hylian” I was happy with the system, (and Zelda’s early success).  Breath of the Wild however was not truly a Switch game, no it was a WiiU game updated for the Switch.

Thats where the problem lies, the Switch in an effort to release games and fill gaps started to resell games with a deluxe, or definitive edition tagline.  Here are some of the games included in this:

  • Pokken Tournament DX
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
  • Lego City Undercover
  • Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition
  • Bayonetta 2
  • Hyrule Warriors
  • Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
  • New Super Luigi U
  • Pokken Tournament
  • New Super Mario Bros U 
  • Xenublade Chronicles**rumored

This list doesn’t even include games like Child of Lightor other “deluxed” indies.  These bonus enhanced Wii U games are touted gloriously as if never seen before. In the case of the general populous which shunned the Wii U like the smelly kid at school,  that may be case. However for those of us who jumped on the Wii U bandwagon to see a full price for Super Mario Bros U was heart breaking. I own many of the games on this list, and to rebuy for the sake of true portability hundreds of dollars would have to leave may tiny little wallet. Not exactly fair to the loyalists. 

Now don’t get me wrong I got a C+ in economics so I get Nintendo’s point of view. The re-release of these games likely has two purposes. One, it fills in the gaps between new releases and buffs up the library. Two, for the many people who didn’t buy the Wii U they now have the chance to get hands on some really great titles.  Yup, from a company stand point these decisions are sound. Heck I the consumer don’t have to buy these titles again, thats if I’m cool with just having them on my aging Wii U

So whats the point?

Its about the loyalists. The early adopters willing to wait in lines in the cold to put their hands on a new Nintendo product, it’s about those who buy into the company when no one elsewill… Where’s the love?  I didn’t expect free games handed out or anything so dramatic, but maybe extra gold coins for my Nintendo account or maybe early releases or small discounts.  Not a grand gesture, just a little nod from the Big N saying thanks for sticking with us. It won’t happen, and why would it?

Nintendo knows they have my loyalty, they know where my fun money goes.  I am not bashing them, though it may feel that way at first glance.  I’m just highlighting that the Switch as it stands currently is the Wii U Deluxe.

I hope it does well, actually I hope it goes onto have the most successful cycle in Nintendo history.  I just wish I had known how it would all play out.  Perhaps instead of buying the Wii U I would have waited, I would have skipped the basic and went straight to Deluxe.

Do you think I’m just a crying fanboy that needs to get over it, or do you think Nintendo should better reward their faithful?  Let me know the comment section down below, or you can discuss in our wonderful forums.

Some say he is a leaf on the wind, others say he is the wind beneath their wings.  Either way he is a huge Nintendo fan and has been gaming since the age of 8.  One part Jedi Master, and two parts Starfleet Redshirt he has been known to quiet the ocean and make mountains sit. He comes to you now to share in all things Nintendo.


Some say he is a leaf on the wind, others say he is the wind beneath their wings.  Either way he is a huge Nintendo fan and has been gaming since the age of 8.  One part Jedi Master, and two parts Starfleet Redshirt he has been known to quiet the ocean and make mountains sit. He comes to you now to share in all things Nintendo.

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