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The World Ends With You New Info From Square Enix

July 29, 2018

Square Enix has released new information regarding the Switch release of The World Ends With You: Final Remix which will feature new music, pins, and loads more that were not featured in the original release of the game on the Nintendo DS.  The game was already awesome as it is so I am incredibly excited to get my hands on Final Remix.

Here are the details from Square Enix:


■ How to Survive the Reapers’ Game
“Clear this mission or face erasure”—with that, Neku and the others get dragged into the irrational Reapers’ Game. In order to clear their missions, they must solve mysteries at various places in Shibuya and defeat the Noise blocking their path.
—(1) A mission is sent to the participant’s cell phone. Erasure awaits those who are unable to clear this mission within the time limit… 
—(2) Run around Shibuya in search of hints to clear the mission. Use Psychic Scanning to read Thought Fragments of the people bustling about Shibuya. 
—(3) Battle Noise. Work with your partner to defeat the Noise that attack.
The participants of the Reapers’ Game can use an ability called “Scanning.” By tapping the pin at the lower right of the screen on the field, the scan field will expand and the Thought Fragments of the surrounding people will flow in.
—While most Thought Fragments consist of chatter, there may be a hint to clearing your mission hidden among them… Be sure to check everyone. 
—A Noise symbol may also appear during a scan. By touching the symbol, a battle against Noise will begin.
Enjoy touch command battles with intuitive controls that depend on various types of touches to the screen, such as taps and slashes. (When playing with Joy-Cons, a pointer will appear on the screen.) Work together with your partner to attack the enemy and increase your Sync rate. When your sync rate reaches 100 percent, you can use a Fusion special attack that heals Neku’s HP and deals major damage to all of the enemies.
—Fight skillfully alongside your partner to increase your sync rate. Fusions differ depending on the partner and have the feeling of a minigame.
A Fusion uses one of three card systems. Also, there are three levels of Fusions, and the higher the rank, the more powerful the Fusion, but the higher the sync rate required.
Neku and Shiki: ESP Cards
Quickly memorize the cards, then tap the ones with the same symbol as the card at the top. The more you get right, the more damage your Fusion will deal, and the higher your drop rate will increase.
Neku and Joshua: Mantic Cards
Tap the cards in numerical order as fast as you can. If you tap the correct cards, your attack power and drop rate will increase. Watch out for the cards written backwards.
Neku and Beat: Kinesis Cards
Tap extra cards to discard them and close the gaps. When two cards of the same suit touch, they will disappear and your attack power and drop rate will increase. Go for a chain reaction.
There are more than 300 pins that Neku can use in battle. Each pin’s effect and how to activate it differs. Pins can be acquired in battle and at the shop.
Depending on the pin you equip, you can unleash a great variety of attacks. The combination of pins you equip is also important for connecting combos.
New Pins for Final Remix
The Cruel Fortune-Teller
By holding and releasing Neku… swords will fly out all around him. This is also effective against long distance Noise.
Yadokari Phaser (Hermit Crab Phaser)
By slashing Neku, he will freely run around the area, dealing damage to any Noise he bumps into. When he hits the edge of the screen, he bounces off.
Hanayome Date
By tapping the air, a huge sphere will appear in the direction of your tap. It will drift about for a fixed period of time, and can induce and damage Noise.
As you progress through the story, you will be able to gain more experience points by not playing. Since there are pins that evolve as you level up, be sure to take advantage of this system.
There are 13 brands throughout all of Shibuya, with most items and pins belonging to a brand. By fighting with your favorite brand’s pins and equipment, you will increase the popularity of the brand in that area.
—The Brand Ranking displays the popularity of brands by rank. While pins of the brands ranked in the top three have increased attack power, be careful as the brand ranked #13 has decreased attack power. 
—Neku and company can buy equippable clothes and other items at the shop. By becoming friends with the shopkeeper, more items will be added to purchase.
Background Music
The World Ends with You: Final Remix has a total of 92 background songs, including new, arranged, and original songs. Players can change between original and arranged songs at any time during the game.
A Selection of Included Songs
Twister Give me all your love 
Twister(Final Remix) Hybrid [The Death March] 
Twister -Crossover- (Live Ver.) Revelation 
Satisfy March On 
Ooparts Make or Break remix for qanchis 
Owarihajimari -x-tended ver.- SOMEDAY -KINGDOM MIX 
Calling MMM:001 / The World Ends with You 
Deja vu -Sanctuary mix- Game Over 
SHIBUYA DTM -CrossoverJump 
Over Yourself (papapayapa) It’s So Wonderful
New songs with different tastes that have yet to appear in The World Ends with You will make their debut in Final Remix, and arranged songs have a completely different atmosphere than their original counterpart.
Mr. H (Sanae Hanekoma)
This coffee shop owner claims to be a “guardian” keeping an eye on the Reapers’ Game, and gives Neku sound advice.
Reaper Soldiers
Higashizawa (Yodai Higashizawa)
This massive Reaper only just hit 20, but he can still demolish a parking lot with one well-placed fist. If there’s a brain somewhere in Higashizawa’s brawn, he often forgets to use it once something gets his emotions cooking.
Reaper Officers
Minamimoto (Sho Minamimoto)
Violent and maliciously mathematical, this young genius is definitely not to be factored with. After posting some “zetta” outstanding numbers, Minmmimoto shot up the Reaper organization’s ranks.
Konishi (Mitsuki Konishi)
This dangerous vixen may be dressed to serve, but she sits comfortably in the top echelon of Shibuya’s Reapers. Konishi seems to be calling at least some of the shots, but Neku and the others hardly ever see her.
Kitaniji (Megumi Kitaniji)
Running the show is Kitaniji, a careful planner whose discerning tastes shape the Game. It takes a confident, imaginitive mind to sit atop the Reaper ranks, but Kitaniji knows he is the best man for the job.

Did you play the original on the DS?  Do you plan on picking up this game on the Switch?  Let us know in the comments!

SourceCode, aka Lucas Hughes, is the creator/owner of Nintendo Playroom.  He spends his days primarily as a husband/father/programmer/gamer.  He loves all things Nintendo and is very passionate about the Nintendo community.


SourceCode, aka Lucas Hughes, is the creator/owner of Nintendo Playroom.  He spends his days primarily as a husband/father/programmer/gamer.  He loves all things Nintendo and is very passionate about the Nintendo community.

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